About Us

We are dedicated to proving quality therapy for everyone.

Digital Platform

We believe everyone should have access to affordable, quality therapy through their computer or smart phone.

Quality Therapists

We ensure each of our therapists that we partner with is top quality, licensed and experienced in a variety of treatment areas.

Affordable Care

Traditional therapists can be very expensive, but our platform makes it inexpensive to recieve weekly counseling.

Effective Treatment

With the combniation of video therapy and text therapy, our clients report feeling better quicker with IIT compared to traditional therapy.

Our Story

We are advancing behavioral therapy through our innovative model that delivers confidential counseling via online video therapy and text messaging. IIT provides our clients with affordable, accessible and convenient therapy, increasing the likelihood that you will achieve the change in you want to see.

  • Relationship Issues 80%
  • Depression 60%
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction 50%
  • Anexity  90%

Advancing The Practice Of Behavioral Therapy

We have one purpose. To provide a safe and comfortable space for people to talk freely about their daily challenges in a way that suits their life and lifestyle. That is Innovative Interactive Therapies and it’s that simple.

Our licensed therapists will assess your situation and unique needs. They will work with you to customize a therapy schedule to provide the support that will help you achieve your personal treatment goals.

In today’s fast-paced, high-stress world, we offer online therapy to help clients deal with:

By marrying online video therapy and experienced licensed mental health counselors on a platform that most smart phones, tablets and personal computers can support, Innovative Interactive Therapies is moving the future of mental health counseling forward.

Leadership Team

Ruth Swissa, Chief Executive Officer

Ruth Swissa, Chief Executive Officer

Ruth Swissa is the visionary behind Innovative Interactive Therapies. IIT grew out of Ms. Swissa’s commitment to making quality cognitive behavioral therapy available to those who need it. She understands that families, employers and communities suffer when an individual’s mental health issues go untreated. Ms. Swissa began her career as a licensed mental health counselor and advocate helping people struggling with a range of behavioral health issues. She later transitioned to teaching roles in colleges and universities helping to train the next generation of counselors.

Ms. Swissa sets high standards for therapists and their treatment protocols. She completed her formal education in the United Kingdom, obtaining a master’s degree in counseling and clinical psychology at the London Guildhall University. She also completed a post-graduate course of study at the University of London that led to her becoming certified in counseling psychology.

Joseph R. Dawson, Chief Financial Officer

Joseph R. Dawson, Chief Financial Officer

Joseph R. Dawson, Esquire, is an attorney licensed to practice in Florida. Mr. Dawson’s work with criminal and personal injury cases often involves substance abuse situations. As a result, he has observed health insurance companies dropping coverage of high-priced sober houses, and a spate of prosecutions that arose out of alleged fraudulent conduct by inpatient drug addiction providers.

Mr. Dawson felt strongly that there had to be a more effective and affordable way to provide accessible mental health treatment, especially treatment aimed at substance abuse. This motivated him to partner with Ruth Swissa, whose background is in clinical psychology, to found Innovative Interactive Therapies. Mr. Dawson is focused on insurance litigation and personal injury matters. He earned his law degree from the Shepard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University.

Erica Rassieur, Director of Business Development

Erica Rassieur, Director of Business Development & Marketing

Erica Rassieur joined IIT as the Director of Business Development in 2018.  Her passion to help people evolve into the best versions of themselves is what ignited her interest in the online therapy space.  Erica began her career as an integrated marketing consultant, helping business owners grow their companies in various industries, especially in the healthcare/medical space.
She was very eager to join our team as she realized the importance of promoting an online counseling platform that makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to receive quality behavioral therapy.  She understands that communication is the key to every relationship AND for every successful marketing campaign.

Jacquelyn Morris, Compliance Specialist

Jacquelyn Morris, Compliance Specialist

Jacquelyn Morris is a mental health counselor experienced in counseling clients and families struggling with addiction and underlying mental health issues. Ms. Morris ensures that IIT’s operations comply with local, state and federal regulations.

She earned a master’s degree in professional counseling and is pursuing a doctorate degree in psychology with an emphasis on integrating technology into counseling, to reach more individuals in need of support.

What we value

Three core values guide our work and inspire us.


Our licensed clinicians became mental health counselors because they feel deeply when others are hurting and feel compelled to provide help. Our counselors made sure they received the training and experience they needed to enable them to help others deal effectively with a variety of issues so they can live happier, healthier lives. It’s part and parcel of who they are.


Achieving emotional and mental wellbeing requires ongoing therapy with an experienced mental health counselor. Traditional therapy often requires individuals to leave work, school or other responsibilities to attend counseling sessions. This can preclude or limit the ability to get help when it’s needed. Our counseling platform that lets clients receive the therapy they need conveniently. They use popular technology at times that fit their schedule. By making it convenient to get counseling, we know that clients have a better chance of achieving their therapy goals.


No one should be burdened with worry that others will learn they are in therapy to deal with mental health issues. Our online platform and licensed mental health counselors ensure that private information remains confidential. We go beyond federal HIPAA statues to ensure our clients that information provided is seen only by licensed clinicians and the team supporting them. By keeping things confidential, we allow our clients to focus on getting better.