How Does iiT Work?

How is iiTherapies More Effective Than Other Online Therapy Platforms

5 Easy Steps to Get Started

Sign Up

You only need an email address and to answer a few questions when you sign up. Create your account. You’ll need to confirm your email address to start using the IIT secure platform, as we don’t want you to miss any message notifications! At IIT we care and may call you to help you get going.

Meet your Perfect Therapist

Finding a professional therapist who is right for you is extremely important, which is why at IITherapy we go to great lengths to verify and train our therapist.  We use our sophisticated client/therapist matching system to ensure you get the service you need with the therapist that suites your individual needs.

Choose your Subscription Plan

Choose the type of subscription that works best for you. At IIT, you can have real-time video, and messaging sessions, or 24/7 Therapy which is where you can message your therapist any time and get a response back once a day or twice a day.

Begin Therapy

If you’re having real-time sessions, they need to be booked into your therapist’s calendar. With 24/7 Therapy, you can start typing away straight away after paying for the plan that matches your needs. Ask your therapist if there’s something you’re not sure about.

Start Moving Forward

Looking after your emotional health is just as important as looking after your physical health.  When you start having therapy, you start to solve the puzzles and overcome the challenges in your life, so you can get back to you.

What to expect from therapy

  • You’ll be evaluated by a licensed mental health counselor within 24 hours.
  • Therapy goals will be set and agreed upon by you and your counselor.
  • A personalized cognitive behavioral therapy program, incorporating evidence-based clinical protocols, will be designed for you.
  • A treatment schedule will be set.

Reliable mental health counseling via online video therapy

Clients trust Innovative Interactive Therapies to provide evidence-based treatments for a host of behavioral and emotional health issues.

Our marriage of treatment with technology enables you to receive therapy in a confidential and familiar place of your choosing, at time that is convenient for you.

  • You may receive a combination of individual and group therapy sessions.
  • You’ll be treated by highly trained, experienced licensed clinicians who will assist you in meeting your therapy goals.

Select Plan

Select the right therapy plan for you.  There are many packages to choose from.  Ask our agents for more details.


Get Matched

Next we match you with the best recommended therapist to help you, depending on your situation and preferences.


Start Messaging

Now you’re all setup and have access to your therapist.  You can start messaging them whenever you need them!