Janice Del Pilar, LMHC, FL

Janice is a license mental health counselor who came to Florida originally from Bayamon, Puerto Rico. While in Puerto Rico, she completed a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy and then completed her internship at Boston Children’s Hospital. During her time working as a Pediatric Physical Therapist, she realized that many families struggled and had difficulty fitting in at times.  It was that experience that made her realize she wanted to help people navigate through the difficult times in their lives. It was then she moved to Miami and completed her master’s degree in mental health counseling.

Janice is a genuine, caring and professional therapist who finds meaning in helping others. She has worked with a variety of populations; including adults, adolescents, families and individuals. Janice’s approach is open and sincere.  She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients dismantle the negative images and thoughts that they have created based on what others think, their own perceptions, trauma, abuse and dysfunctional relationships. Janice believes it is possible to find and believe in one’s true self, and that this discovery will help clients live beautiful and incredible lives.

Janice has a wealth of experience working with many types of disorders; including: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and addictions, along with those who have suffered trauma, those struggling with chronic health conditions and cancer, and other challenging life situations. Her approach to helping these individuals includes offering support and education as they learn to work through the challenges circumstances they face. She believes that throughout life people continue to learn and grow as they enter new stages. Through therapy, clients learn to navigate those life experiences as they create stronger and healthier versions of themselves.