Mental Health Treatment

Our licensed therapists customize a treatment plan for you based on your mental health needs.

Mental Health Treatment + Technology

Reliable mental health counseling via online video therapy

Clients trust iiTherapies to provide evidence-based treatments for a host of behavioral and emotional health issues.  Our marriage of mental health treatment with technology enables you to receive mental health counseling in a confidential and familiar place of your choosing, at a time that is convenient for you.


  • You may receive a combination of individual and group therapy sessions.
  • You’ll be treated by highly trained, experienced licensed clinicians who will assist you in meeting your therapy goals.
  • Your therapy schedule and goals will be determined by you and your therapist, together.
  • You can choose a therapy plan that includes a video or a combination of video chat and text message interactions with your therapist, and increase or decrease the sessions as needed.
  • You can speak with us directly to create a custom plan to meet your needs.  Call 877-460-7701

What to expect from iiTherapies

  • You’ll be evaluated by a licensed mental health counselor.
  • Therapy goals will be set and agreed upon by you and your counselor.
  • A personalized cognitive behavioral therapy program, incorporating evidence-based clinical protocols, will be designed for you.
  • A treatment schedule will be set.
  • All assessment, treatment and discussions are confidential.

Types Of Mental Health Issues We Treat

We offer mental health services for a wide variety of mental health issues.  If your specific issue is not listed here, we can still help you connect with a licensed psychologist or therapist to develop a treatment plan customized for your individual needs.

The Solution: Today’s Online Video and Text Therapy

Recent studies have shown that the vast number of features available through an online therapy platform has contributed to the high success rate and progression of patients treated.

Re-read Sessions

Clients can look at their past conversations with the therapist to recall the tools, motivation, and advice given during the session.  If something comes up throughout the day, you don’t have to wait until the next session, depending on your plan you may have the option to text your therapist on the spot.

More Time

Since there is less time wasted on travel, booking an appointment and waiting rooms, there is more time to allocate for cognitive–behavioral therapy homework tasks set by the counselor to make each online session even more useful.

Always Available

The tools used in online counseling are always available.  Waiting for you when our schedule allows, you will find the tools and resources to progress personally outside of your session, providing what may result in a vital breakthrough.

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