Dysfunctional and Abusive Relationships

iiTherapies will help you create a more healthy, functional and productive relationship through a series of therapies.

Learning to create healthy, stable relationships

If you are in a relationship that has turned abusive or violent, it’s time to seek help. If you and your partner are in a continuous pattern of verbal, physical or economic abuse, it’s time to get help. You may not see the pattern or understand that it can be broken.

Our licensed therapists have experience treating both abusers and abused clients. In our domestic violence groups, you’ll receive the therapy that is often used for court-ordered domestic violence counseling. The program is based on the workbook, A Ray of Hope, which focuses on:

  • stress reduction
  • abuse cycles
  • anger management
  • coping skills
  • communication patterns

The group leaders will explore with you how and why destructive cycles develop, and how you can stop the cycles by replacing old methods of coping. The group will help you shift patterns of abuse and violence so you can create a life of health and stability. Our psychoeducational group will provide concrete analysis and techniques to help you affect lasting change.

IIT accepts self-referrals and court-ordered referrals.