Anger Management

iiTherapies has experienced psychologists and therapists that specialize in helping client control anger issues.

Overcome anger with therapy online

Do you lash out verbally when someone cuts you off in traffic? Does your blood pressure climb when things don’t go your way? Feeling angry can be a normal, healthy instinct. However, anger can turn dangerous when it causes you to become destructive in personal and professional relationships.

What to expect from anger management therapy

Our anger management group uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help you control anger by challenging unhealthy thoughts and the behaviors that ignite an angry response. With guidance from a licensed mental health therapist and authentic group discussions, you can learn:

  • How to identify triggers that make you angry
  • How to react in new and productive ways

Our group will help you accept, forgive, and develop control over destructive thoughts and actions, and free you from uncontrollable anger.

IIT accepts self-referrals and court-ordered referrals.