iiTherapies will help you regain control of your of your life with effective depression treatments.

Loosen the bonds of depression

Sadness or mood swings are normal reactions to life’s ups and downs. But when emptiness, worthlessness and helplessness takes hold of an individual’s life and will not go away, the cause may be depression. Depression has been described as living in a black hole. It can interfere with work, studies, eating, sleeping and enjoying life.

What to expect from depression therapy

Our experienced, licensed mental health counselors will use cognitive behavioral therapy to help you:

  • break patterns of dysfunctional thinking that trap you in a downward spiral of degrading thoughts
  • learn that your negative thoughts are not reality
  • replace a dysfunctional perception of life with realistic and healthier ways of thinking

You’ll be taught coping strategies to help you face situations that previously caused fear, freeing you from depression or anxiety. Therapy can enable you to feel better about yourself and live a life free from the grips of depression.