Drug and Alcohol Abuse

At iiTherapies, we design programs to help break the addiction cycle.

Substance Abuse
Substance Abuse

Effective Therapy for Substance Abuse

Is substance abuse controlling your life or draining your family budget? Left untreated, substance abuse can lead to arrest, overdose or death. Our innovative therapy program offers hope and help to help free you from the grip of substance abuse so you can chart a new path for a healthful life that you control.

What to expect from substance abuse therapy

If substance abuse has been an issue for many months or years, it can be very difficult to break free from its bonds. Our experienced, licensed mental health counselors will customize a treatment plan for you. They use cognitive behavioral therapy in a group setting to help you:

  • understand and resolve behaviors, barriers, feelings, perceptions and beliefs
  • build greater self-insight
  • lessen suffering
  • discuss progress in your strength-based recovery plan with your therapist and other group members

You will learn new skills in therapy to build on your strengths and help you become more self-aware so you can take control of your life.

Caring for your family


Our family program supports your loved ones while you battle addiction. It can help them live better by making it easier for them to process the past and help get you on a path to a healthier lifestyle.


  • Our 6- and 12-week family counseling programs consist of a 90-minute group session each week, with evening availabilities.
  • Your family members can also schedule additional counseling sessions as needed.